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September 2017


Only the beginning
(Sur in English 29th September 2017)

If Catalans ask for secession on Sunday, there is just one
outcome which can be predicted with certainty: the problems
will only be beginning.

Going nuclear
(Sur in English 22nd September 2017)

The arguments for and against Catalonian secession
have recently become more toxic. Now they have
gone nuclear.

The Catalonian independence battle
is one of rising hostility

(The Spectator 21st September 2017)

As the Catalonian independence battle continues to
escalate ahead of the proposed October 1st referendum,
it is becoming harder to see when or how this increasingly
unpleasant conflict will be resolved.

Rewriting history
(Sur in English 15st September 2017)

We've come to expect growth predictions for the Spanish
economy to be revised as the year progresses, but
to recalculate the GDP figures for past years smacks
of an Orwellian style manipulation of the facts.

Madrid versus Barcelona
(Sur in English 8st September 2017)

The only certainty about Catalonian secession is

that  the economic and political disagreements between

Madrid and Barcelona will not end on 1 October,

whether or not the independence vote goes ahead.

Risky business
(Sur in English 1st September 2017)

Ratings agencies see no threat posed to Spain’s

economy by the planned Catalonian independence

M a r k   N a y l e r

freelance journalist