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Schrodinger’s sentences
(Sur in English 3rd March 2017)

The outcome of one of  Spain's highest-profile criminal
trials is now known: Rodrigo Rato, former deputy
prime minister and ex-head of the International Monetary
Fund, is going to prison for four-and-a-half years.

Can Brexit inspire Catalan independence?
(The Spectator 16th February 2017)

After the EU referendum last June, Catalonia’s President,
Carles Puigdemont, declared that “Brexit demonstrates
that it is perfectly possible to take a decision about
sovereignty, as all other countries do”

Let’s be reasonable
(Sur in English 20th January 2017)

It was a pleasant surprise this week to hear Spain’s
economy minister displaying common sense and
pragmatism when asked about the latest Brexit news.

It’s no surprise that Spain has already blocked
Nicola Sturgeon’s half-baked Brexit plan

(The Spectator 22nd December 2016)

The Spanish government has moved swiftly to reject
Nicola Sturgeon’s proposal of a bespoke Brexit deal for

The Spanish left is a defeated force
(The Spectator 14th October 2016)

There aren’t many certainties in the maelstrom of
Spanish politics at the moment, but there is one:
that the left, for now at least, is a defeated force.


freelance journalist

M a r k   N a y l e r

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