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Catalonia braces itself for another
independence fight

(The Spectator 2nd December 2017)

The December 21st election is being billed as an effective
plebiscite on Catalonian independence. Whatever the outcome
we can be sure of one thing: the Catalonia issue is not going
to be resolved anytime soon.

The Catalonian independence battle
is one of rising hostility

(The Spectator 21st September 2017)

As the Catalonian independence battle continues to
escalate ahead of the proposed October 1st referendum,
it is becoming harder to see when or how this increasingly
unpleasant conflict will be resolved.

Catalonia’s fight for independence is turning nasty
(The Spectator 22nd  August  2017)

As if the issue of Catalonian secession wasn’t fraught enough,
some of its most committed advocates are now arguing that the
terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils last week demonstrate
the region’s readiness for independence.

Spain faces up to Europe’s new terror threat
(The Spectator  18th  August  2017)

Spain is no stranger to terrorist attacks but the atrocities
perpetrated in Barcelona and Cabrils yesterday and in
particular  the weapon used, seems to have opened up a
new chapter in the fight against terrorism

Catalonia’s quest for independence takes
another surreal turn

(The Spectator August 2nd  2017)

The sight of Mariano Rajoy in the witness box this week giving
evidence in the Gurtel corruption case was a PR disaster for
his party but a gift to Catalonian secessionists.

Spain’s lost generation
(The Spectator Magazine  July 2017)

Their country’s GDP has been growing steadily for years — but
for young Spaniards nothing seems to be changing

Schrodinger’s sentences
(Sur in English 3rd March 2017)

The outcome of one of  Spain's highest-profile criminal
trials is now known: Rodrigo Rato, former deputy
prime minister and ex-head of the International Monetary
Fund, is going to prison for four-and-a-half years.


freelance journalist

M a r k   N a y l e r

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