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November 2015


Buying a property in Andalucia is not just an investment in
bricks and mortar, it is also an  investment in a way of life.

(SUR in English 1st November 2015)

Still a buyer’s market

The strengthening of economic and diplomatic relations between

Spain and Cuba this week was a shrewd and well-timed move by

the Spanish government.

(SUR in English 6th  November 2015)

Reaching out to Cuba

It is time to look seriously at the economics of Catalonian secession.
On Monday, members of the Catalan parliament voted 72 to 63
in favour of launching an 18-month route to separation from Spain.

(SUR in English 13th  November 2015)

Splitting the bill

The Cotswolds is a long way from Andalucia both geographically
and culturally - but it is home to Lionel Sainsbury, an English
composer who has written a stunning body of piano music
inspired by southern Spain and flamenco.

(SUR in English 13th  November 2015)

A touch of Andalucia in the Cotswolds

(SUR in English 20th  November 2015)

The Spanish government could be forgiven for being a little
confused - at least initially - at the messages coming from

the EU this week.

Mixed signals

(SUR in English 27th  November 2015)

When I wrote in this column last  week that the result of
Spain’s December 20th general election will be ‘hard to
call’, I somewhat understated the matter.

A tough call