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May 2015

A paradoxical amnesty

There is a striking paradox at the heart of the Spanish government’s flawed six month tax or ‘pension’ amnesty, which started on January 1st this year. .  

(SUR in English 1st  May 2015)

Arguing about the bullfight  

EVERY journalist feels that they have done a good day’s work then their writing stirs up opinion and provokes reaction, even if that was not necessarily their intention. . .

(OLIVE PRESS 8th May 2015)

A working economy

The Q1 figures of 2015 are in and Spain’s economy has fared surprisingly well. The political uncertainty surrounding Spain’s near-future, though, means it is far from obvious that this growth spurt will be turned into long-term economic recovery.

(SUR in English 22nd  May 2015)

Bandits on the loose

Europe’s financial services industry has suffered a severe reputational hammering over recent years, and the Foreign Exchange (forex) market rigging scandal is its latest, most damaging ordeal.

(SUR in English 15th  May 2015)

The cost of change

Last Sunday’s election results emphatically showed that the Spanish do not believe in the fairytale of economic recovery being presented to them by the Popular Party.

(SUR in English 29th  May 2015)

Anonymous until proven guilty

The media scrum that awaited Rodrigo Rato when he was arrested at his home in Madrid last month raises an important question: should the names of the other individuals who took advantage of the Popular Party’s 2012 tax amnesty, and who are now also under investigation, be made public?

(SUR in English 8th  May 2015)