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May 2017


First things first
(Sur in English 26th  May 2017)

Pedro Sánchez is back.After eight months as a political
outcast, the former Socialist leader has once again taken
control of his party

A tough sell
(Sur in English 19th  May 2017)

Given that the Eurozone's  wealthiest countries resent
subsidising the poorer ones, Spain’s recently unveiled
proposals for deeper integration  will be a tough sell
for Rajoy’s government, to say the least.

Slow progress
(Sur in English 12th  May 2017)

When Mariano Rajoy’s 2017 budget narrowly survived
defeat in a parliamentary
vote last Thursday, the
Spanish prime minister would be wrong to think he
thereby passed some kind of test.

Read with caution
(Sur in English 5th May 2017)

The latest “official” indicator of Spain’s economic health
indicates that in the first quarter of 2017, the country’s
GDP expanded by 0.8%, up 0.1% from most predictions
for the period. For a number of reasons these figures
should be read with caution.

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freelance journalist