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Welcome to Matavenero, Spain’s
Abandoned Village-Turned-Eco Commune

(31st March 2017)

"The world has gone insane" is a phrase that has been heard often since Brexit and Donald Trump's election as U.S.
president last year. It might be, then, that in 2017 the
eco-village of Matavenero in northwest Spain will receive
numerous requests from aspiring inhabitants – the dismayed
and disgruntled who want to turn their back on a world that
has disappointed them so much.

A Brief History of the Gypsy Community
of Seville

(20th March 2017)

Seville´s gypsies are an integral part of Andalusia´s great flamenco tradition

How to Spend 48 Hours in Seville
(18th March 2017)

Seville is, without doubt, one of Europe’s most attractive
and enchanting cities. On a 48-hour mini-break, you
will find plenty to make your visit here linger fondly in
the memory long after leaving.

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