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March 2017


A prime candidate
(Sur in English 31st  March 2017)

Two top EU jobs fall vacant in 2018. Will
Luis de Guindos, Spain’s economy minister, go
for either or even both?

Blame it on the booze
(Sur in English 24th March 2017)

Spaniards brought their financial crisis upon
themselves by spending too much money on
booze and women.

The vicious circle of Brexit
(Sur in English 17th March 2017)

Last Friday, Mariano Rajoy, the unflappable
Spanish prime minister told reporters in Madrid that
regarding the soon-to-commence process of the UK's
withdrawal from the EU, “There is no need to dramatise

Let’s not fight
(Sur in English 10th March 2017)

There is a view held by some of those involved in the
world of Spanish media, business and politics that the

cultural and economic ties that exist between Spain and
the UK must be preserved post Brexit for the benefit of
both countries.

Schrodinger’s sentences
(Sur in English 3rd March 2017)

The outcome of one of  Spain's highest-profile criminal
trials is now known: Rodrigo Rato, former deputy
prime minister and ex-head of the International Monetary
Fund, is going to prison for four-and-a-half years.

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freelance journalist