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March 2016


As PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez tries to form a coalition with
centre-right Ciudadanos, he is reiterating to parliament

and the Spanish electorate his promise to extend the reach of

Spain’s economic recovery.

Money talks

(SUR in English 4th March 2016)

Argentinian judges, Norwegian electricians, New York
charities and British historians have all contributed to
making history more visible.

The international influence on Spain’s memory

(SUR in English 4th March 2016)

It will probably be months before Spain has a new
government, so it is timely to ask what effect
- if any - the political limbo will have on the country’s

Cruise control

(SUR in English 11th March 2016)

Spanish finance minister Luis de Guindos must
have breathed a sigh of relief this week ……. In the
fourth quarter of 2015, Spain’s public debt fell to
99 per cent of GDP, down from 99.3 per cent in

the previous quarter….

quarter in 2014.

A manageable debt

(SUR in English 18th March 2016)

Though things carry on  much as normal from
an internal point of view, many international
investors may start to regard Spain’s three month
- long (and counting) stint without a government as
a sign of worrying instability.

International appeal

(SUR in English 25th March 2016)

M a r k   N a y l e r

freelance journalist