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June 2015

Playing to a crowd

Much of Granada’s live flamenco is aimed at tourists, but it still has its fair share of “duende”

(SUR in English 5th June 2015)

Size matters

Andalucia’s family business community is crucial to the region’s culture and economy, but it has been hit hard by the economic crisis.

(SUR in English 5th June 2015)

It’s all academic

Spain, it would appear, is the apple of the International Monetary Fund’s eye.

(SUR in English 12th  June 2015)

Damaged goods

Judging by the performance of Spanish bond yields this week, there is serious concern among investors about the consequences of a Greek debt default for Spain.

(SUR in English 19th  June 2015)

Investing in the past

Many Spaniards adhere to the view that Spain’s economy nose dived when the Jews were forced out in 1492.

(SUR in English 26th  June 2015)