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June 2017


A break from reality
(Sur in English June 30th 2017)

Another record breaking year for the Spanish tourist industry;
but what effect will this have on the overall unemployment rate?

The city that offers a sense of distinction
(Sur in English 23rd  June 2017)

Reading Laurie Lee on Seville, you quickly realise that
you’re in the company of a man completely
in love with
the Andalusian capital. He
would probably still be charmed
by his beloved “mistress” today

And the winner is …
(Sur in English 23rd  June 2017)

The EU has been awarded Spain’s Princess of Asturias 2017
Concord Prize for maintaining harmonious relationships
between its member states - the latest development in
Spain’s ongoing campaign for greater integration within the bloc.

Come together
(Sur in English 16th June 2017)

Luis de Guindos, the Spanish economy minister, has
apparently turned into the EU’s biggest fan.

Granada, still ‘a rose preserved in snow’
(Sur in English 16th June 2017)

The city has changed in many ways since Laurie Lee’s visit
sixty six years ago, but the people have kept their
‘mala follá’     

Message not received
(Sur in English 9th June 2017)

A series of recent polls suggest that an
increasing number of Spaniards are not only
disenchanted with the political elite, they are
no longer listening to them.  

In search of pure sources of feeling
(Sur in English 9nd June 2017)

How much of the Algeciras captured by English writer
Laurie Lee in 1955 remains in the city today?

Weak foundations
(Sur in English 2nd June 2017)

Luis de Guindos, the Spanish economy minister,
stated this week that GDP growth might well exceed the
official prediction of 2.7% this year and could reach over 3%.
The problem, though, is that this apparently dazzling economic
performance is not supported by  strong foundations.

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