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July 2015

Voting for the future

Inevitably, Greece missed its €1.5 billion repayment to the IMF on Tuesday  night - the largest missed payment in the fund’s history.


Europe’s greatest test

If the European Union and Eurozone are communities in anything but name, and if their members are bound together by something greater than purely economic concerns, now is the time for them to prove it.

(SUR in English 10th July 2015)

A test of friendship

The first political shock waves from the last  couple of weeks’ events in Greece are already being felt in Spain, in particular by Podemos.

(SUR in English 17h July 2015)

Dragging Podemos down

Never has the symbiotic relationship between Greece’s Syriza and Spain’s Podemos been more exposed.

(SUR in English 24th July 2015)

The pull of San Fermin

Pamplona’s annual festival draws visitors from near and far, attracted by the thrill of running with the bulls

(SUR in English 24th July 2015)

Selling smoke

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, is concerned that Europe is on the brink of revolution.

(SUR in English 31st July 2015)

(SUR in English 3rd July 2015)