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July 2017


Bad timing
(Sur in English July 28th 2017)

This week BBVA and Bankia SA joined in the numbers game
and predicted that the Spanish economy would grow by 3.3%
this year. Mariano Rajoy should have been shouting this from
the roof
tops. Instead, he was in the witness box giving
evidence in the long running Gurtel corruption case.

The magic number
(Sur in English July 22nd 2017)

The Spanish government has now been joined by the IMF
in the latest round of the GDP numbers game. It's only
a  matter of time before the magic number of 3.2% is reached
thereby equalling 2016's growth rate.

Different, but not so gloomy
(Sur in English July 7th 2017)

Almuñécar has changed since Lee left in 1936, but its old
old town still holds the essence of Andalucia.

On the up
(Sur in English July 7th 2017)

You might be under the impression that forecasting the annual
growth of the Spanish economy is a complex business. Far from
it. It's easier than you think.

Spain’s lost generation
(The Spectator Magazine  July 2017)

Their country’s GDP has been growing steadily for years — but
for young Spaniards nothing seems to be changing

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