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January 2016


An economic appeal

Pro-independence politicians in Catalonia are now seeking
to engage the EU in Spain’s most intense internal struggle,
meaning that the battle for Catalan independence is no
longer a purely domestic affair.

SUR in English 29th January 2016

Shocks to the system

Merrill Lynch warned investors this week that the current
political deadlock in Spain is likely to cause short-term
economic “shocks” which the bank describes as “steps
towards political paralysis and confrontation”.

SUR in English 28th  January 2016

As Catalonia turns up the heat, Madrid’s politicians
are ever more divided

Almost a month on from an unprecedentedly divisive
general election, Spain seems further away from forming
a new government than ever.

The Spectator 16th January 2016

Trouble ahead

Flutters in the markets this week indicate, once again, that
Luis de Guindos is not taking seriously  enough the possibility
of economic damage resulting from the Catalan independence
project. Given that the new Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont,
is even more hell-bent on Catalonian secession than his predecessor,
De Guindos needs to start taking the matter very seriously indeed.

SUR in English 15th  January 2016

Too little, too late

A quarter of all employment contracts signed in Spain in
the first half of 2015 were for a week’s work or less. In other
words, not all, or even most, of those who took themselves off
benefits last year did so because they landed a permanent job.

SUR in English 8th  January 2016

A recovery on hold

The true test of the next government’s economic acumen will be
whether or not it is able to  continue the upturn that has been
notable throughout  2015

SUR in English 1st January 2016

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