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February 2017


Cause for concern?
(Sur in English 3rd February 2017)

There is a fear that civil war within the PSOE threatens
to derail Spain’s economic recovery just as last year’s
political deadlock did.

Trying times
(Sur in English 10th  February 2017)

The soon-to-be-announced verdict in Rodrigo Rato’s
fraud trial is, for many Spaniards, imbued with a
symbolic importance.

Can Brexit inspire Catalan independence?
(The Spectator 16th  February 2017)

Expecting the worst
(Sur in English 17th  February 2017)

After the EU referendum last June, Catalonia’s President,
Carles Puigdemont, declared that “Brexit demonstrates
that it is perfectly possible to take a decision about
sovereignty, as all other countries do”

In its latest economic report, the EU Commission states that
the threats posed to the EU’s economic stability are the
political events that defined last year: Brexit and
Trump’s election victory.

Setting an example
(Sur in English 24th  February 2017)

Banks that are planning to move their London operations
to EU cities as a result of Brexit are expected to choose
their new locations within the next few months.

Buda and Pest, shabby and chic
(Sur in English 24th  February 2017)

In Budapest you are getting two cities in one and both
have retained their own style and personality. The Hungarian
capital combines modernity with tradition and the chic with
the shabby in a manner all of its own.

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freelance journalist