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Setting an example
(Sur in English 24th  February 2017)

Banks that are planning to move their London operations
to EU cities as a result of Brexit are expected to choose
their new locations within the next few months.

Italian referendum fallout depends on
country’s banks

(Sur in English 16th December 2016)

Italy’s former Treasury boss says that Spain’s
economy would only suffer if his country’s
financial services industry nosedives

Expecting the worst
(Sur in English 17th  February 2017)

In its latest economic report, the EU Commission states that
the threats posed to the EU’s economic stability are the
political events that defined last year: Brexit and
Trump’s election victory.

Great expectations
(Sur in English 13h January 2017)

Ever the optimist, Spain’s economy and industry
minister has recently been hinting that the
country’s economic growth might exceed the predicted
3.2% for last year.

High praise
(Sur in English 16th December 2016)

With a critical EU piling on the pressure for
a workable 2017 budget, it must be a pleasant
relief for Spain to have at least one external
body praising its economic efforts.

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