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December 2017


Unfair play
(Sur in English 8th December 2017)

Giving Catalonia the same degree of fiscal autonomy that is
enjoyed by the Basque country might go some way to
alleviating the independence crisis. However, unless the
remaining regions are given a similar deal,
it would smack
of unfairness.

“A book shouldn’t think about its readers, but
once written, find its own”

(Sur in English 8th December 2017)

The author of A Working Woman explains how the translator
of the English version traced the steps of her character in
Madrid herself as part of the translation process

Catalonia braces itself for another
independence fight

(The Spectator 2nd December 2017)

The December 21st election is being billed as an effective
plebiscite on Catalonian independence. Whatever the outcome
we can be sure of one thing: the Catalonia issue is not going
to be resolved anytime soon.

A Working Woman - Elvira Navarro
(Sur in English 1st December 2017)

Reality filtered through altered minds

A gentleman’s agreement
(Sur in English 1st December 2017)

The last time a vacancy arose on the ECB board , Spain's
economy minister, was confident that a Spaniard would fill it.
His confidence turned out to be misplaced. This time around,
however, he is certain that the appointment will go Spain's way.
Does he know something we don't?

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freelance journalist