What it’s Like to Run With the Bulls at
Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival
(23rd July 2017)

Pamplona's annual  San Fermin festival  is world-famous for its
daily bull runs  ・
encierros  ・during which six fighting bulls and six oxen are run through the old town's narrow streets to the
bullring. They are accompanied by hundreds of adrenaline-fuelled runners known as  
mozos. But what  is it actually like
to run with the bulls on the streets of Pamplona  and to
become a  

Are Spaniards Over Bullfighting?
(15th June 2017)

Last month thousands of protesters marched through Madrid,
this  being  the latest  manifestation of what many  say is a rising swell of opposition to the bullfight in Spain. Yet the defenders of the  
corrida de toros  argue that it can be a spectacle of emotional depth and beauty. Once more, we are prompted to ask whether bullfighting is on the way out.

The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Mount Mulhacen, Granada
(9th May 2017)

Situated in the middle of Granada’s Sierra Nevada natural park, the 3,479 metre Mulhacen is mainland Spain’s highest mountain. Not for nothing is the peak of this snow-capped giant known as ‘The Roof of Spain’ – as you’ll see for yourself when you follow our guide to safely reaching Mulhacen’s lonely summit.

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