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In search of pure sources of feeling
(Sur in English 9th June 2017)

How much of the Algeciras captured by English writer
Laurie Lee in 1955 remains in the city today?

A Brief Introduction to Federico Garcia Lorca in 6 Poems
(The Culture Trip 27th April 2017)

Granada-born poet Federico Garcia Lorca (1898–1936) was arguably the most important Spanish writer of the 20th century. The folklore and Gypsy culture of his native Andalusia provided much of his inspiration and subject matter, as did love, mortality, Flamenco and bullfighting.

A Tour of Malaga’s Best Street Art
(The Culture Trip 21st  February 2017)

Thanks to an artistic initiative known as MAUS (Malaga
Arte Urbano Soho), Malaga has a thriving street art
scene. We'll take you on a tour of the best street art
to be found in the city.

On Ernest Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

(Sur in English 25th September 2015)

The greatest books make you envious of those who have
not yet read them, those who you know have a great
experience still to come.

On Jason Webster’s “Duende: A Journey in Search
of Flamenco”
(Sur in English 16th October 2015)

Jason Webster has written what is surely the most arresting
opening sentence in recent travel literature, a sentence that
forces difficult, searching questions upon you: “Often we end
up doing what  we almost want to do because we lack the
courage to do what  we really want to do.”

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