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August 2015


The gloves are off

(SUR in English 7th August 2015)

Gearing up for what will  be a demanding election campaign,

Spain’s governing Popular  Party unveiled their 2016 budget
on Tuesday.

An ambiguous recovery

The international press, it would seem, can’t quite make up its mind about whether or not Spain is enjoying an economic recovery.

(SUR in English 14th August 2015)

An open secret

You can look at it one of two ways. Either the Popular party (PP) has a flair for self-immolation,for the vote-losing scandal, currently unrivalled in European politics; or, Rajoy’s government needs some serious reputation management - and fast.

(SUR in English 21st August 2015)

Going it alone?

Economics will not only prove decisive in Spain’s year-end general
election, due to be held in November; they are also emerging as a crucial factor in the country’s most important regional election.

(SUR in English 28th August 2015)