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April 2017


A numbers game
(Sur in English 28th  April 2017)

Is Spain’s economy actually growing at the publicised
rate? This is the question asked by several leading
Spanish economists in a letter recently sent to Jeroen
Djisselbloem, president of the Eurogroup.

Risk assessment
(Sur in English 21st April 2017)

Christine Lagarde , the Managing Director of the IMF,
has recently praised Spain for pulling itself out of recession
but also warned that the risks posed for a for a continued
recovery do  not come from external sources but from within
Spain itself.

Return to form
(Sur in English 14th April 2017)

According to official statistics, Spain’s GDP will very

soon rise above pre-crisis levels; in other words, the
economy is back to where it was in 2008,
before the recession hit.

Better late than never
(Sur in English 7th April 2017)

Mariano Rajoy has finally presented 2017’s budget,
over half a year late.

Can Anglo-Spanish relations survive Brexit?
(The Spectator 4th April 2017)

As the events of the last few days show, the increasingly
toxic issue of Gibraltar means the UK’s Article 50 talks
with Spain might become more fraught than either party
would like.

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freelance journalist