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Mariano Rajoy must go
(The Spectator  20th February 2018)

Spaniards want a new prime minister. That’s the conclusion
to be drawn from the latest opinion  
poll   which revealed
that 85 per cent of the electorate think someone other
than Mariano Rajoy lead the conservative Popular Party.

Fitch Ratings recently decided to upgrade Spain's economy
to its grade A. Given their role in precipitating the economic
crisis of 2007, should we trust a word of what the credit
reference agencies say?

Can you credit it?
(Sur in English 26th January 2018)

A rough deal
(Sur in English  2nd February 2018)

In a similar vein to last year, Mariano Rajoy's minority
government is once again having trouble securing
approval for this year's budget.

Board games
(Sur in English  9th February 2018)

After months of elliptical statements and hints,
Spain’s economy minister, Luis de Guindos, finally
announced on Wednesday that he is a candidate
for the Vice-Presidency of the European Central Bank (ECB).

In with the new
(Sur in English  16th February 2018)

With apparently 85% of Spaniards wanting him to go,
Mariano Rajoy's days would appear to be numbered.

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