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Whatever the result of the Catalonian election, it is likely
that it will reflect the aftermath of the 2015 general election
and create more problems than it solves.

Mariano Rajoy called the Catalonian election in a bid to
neutralise the independence movement. His gamble seems
to have backfired.

Despite the political chaos thrown up by the Catalonian
crisis, the national economy seems to be doing quite
nicely thank you.

Estimates of the likely impact of the Catalan crisis on
the Spanish economy vary widely. As we enter 2018,
one thing is certain; no-one knows what the actual figure
will prove to be.

If he is restored as president of Catalonia, exiled Carles
Puigdemont is proposing to govern remotely from Brussels
via video link. The idea was dismissed by the leader of Ciudadanos, Puigdemont “cannot be president by hologram”.



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